Dear Ghent Music Playlist lover,
We're happy to make you a part of the Ghent Music Spotify!

Please remember that we are sent a lot of music and are really busy people. We love the fact that we are send music all the time, but because of the amount of tracks, ideas and gigs we are send all the time, it can be difficult to organise, listen to and keep track of everything.

To get your music heard in the best way, and for us to keep our sanity when receiving and organising music, We've found some guidelines on what you should and shouldn’t do when sending us music.

  • Do not send us an attachment to an email

    Our inbox is already big and busy enough. We don’t want to spend ages waiting for your email to load in our inbox because it’s downloading a 15Mb file on to our machine.USE A LINK TO YOUR CONTENT!

  • Do not send us an incomplete track
. We would prefer to get a full track please.Then we can get a feel of the entire piece, as well as play it out if we want to support your music.

  • Do not send us music via a Facebook message

    It is easier for us to handle things that we have received by email. We can work through them systematically.

  • Do not send us an empty email with just a link

    It will probably be flagged as spam for a start. We will not click a link unless we know what it is, and we would prefer you to put in a little bit of effort describing the link with Ghent.

  • Do not not send me the track in 3 different ways

    You emailed me, sent us a Soundcloud message, an Instagram notification and a Facebook note about this track. We got it the first time. Please just tell us once, via email.

  • Do not add me to the huge CC list on your email

    It’s not very nice to get an email that has been sent to 200 other people. It’s not very personal. It’s even worse, when everyone else who got the email can also see all the email addresses. Please write to me directly. A little care and attention goes a long way. I don’t really care for the BCC field either, since I know you’re just blasting this email to more people than you can write to at once.

  • Do not remind me every day about the track you sent

    We got your email (unless you got a failed delivery note) so we will check it when we get the chance. If you don’t hear back from us, then we may not have had time to check it, or maybe it just wasn’t our thing, and we don’t need reminders every day. One polite reminder after a week or two would be sufficient. We only have one playlist a month so we can only do so much. Musicians who get selected, are sent an email two weeks before releasing the new album. If you don’t hear us after that, your may be selected for another month or it wasn’t good enough, and sadly that’s the honest truth.

  • Do not tell me you’re 13 or just started for 3 months

    Firstly, your age is irrelevant if the music is good. Secondly, telling us you’re inexperienced is not going to encourage me to check your tracks. Secondly, we assume if you're ready to send us you're content, you consider it to be good enough to be put on the list. If you want feedback, try your mom!

  • Do try to read these guidelines

    Sending me an email that says “yeah, I couldn’t be bothered reading your instructions but I thought I’d just send this over anyway” is a quick way to get your email deleted.

  • Do take a second to think about what you want from us.

    We support certain Ghent music. When people send completely not Ghent music on a whim it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

  • Do send us a link to your spotify.

    We make a Spotify playlist, we do this so we don't have to manage files, we don't have to worry about rights and artists earn some money by it. If you don't have spotify, use soundcloud. Maybe we can share your song there or encourage you to put it on Spotify!

  • Do send us your tie with Ghent.

    It's a joke to proclaim your right on a spot in the playlist about Ghent music. When you don't even came through Ghent.

  • It would be nice to get a little note about the track, or a short introduction

    We are not looking for your life story, or a huge biography but it’s nice to know who we're getting an email from, maybe how you found us or something about the track, as a precursor to us listening to it. Nothing more.

  • It would be nice to get just one reminder email

    Please don’t bombard us with reminders. I get enough email as it is, and just one polite email reminder after a couple of weeks will be more effective than lots of notes every day..

None of these guidelines are difficult to follow, and most are just common sense. If you can follow them, then we will be able to easily file and listen to your music, and we should be able to feedback to you if we can. If you don’t hear back from us, then you can safely assume that your music was not for us. It may have been good, but often we are on the look out for something in particular. This does not mean you're not included in our secret playlist, waiting on getting out. Have patient my Pedowan.
We based these guidelines on a blogpost on how to self release, worth cheching out! "How to self release"