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Questions that are asked from time to time...

What's all this fuss about? A playlist?

As Ghent Musicians, it's quite difficult to get your music heard. We all do the right stuff, G* damnit, we even put our music on spotify! But... only two people have listened.

The fierce knights in shiny pink are coming to the rescue! Why don't we put our swords together and build a united front! Ghent Music! A Spotify list for the true Ghentians.

Who are we to proclaim such a prestige title?

Fearless music lovers, musicians, searching to be moved by stuff from the local scene. Truth said, there is amazing music in the world... But do you know the amazing artist just living around the corner?

A united front, yes we are! This is the list of places in Ghent that feature the list!

On this moment we're still on a lonely battlefield, it's getting cold...

Who are the artists on the list

All Ghent! Every song on the list is tied to Ghent. Mainly focused on people living in Ghent. But who are we to exlude awesome artist who are travelling throught this amazing city? Not all musicians can be a blessed Ghentian...

Howdy partner, you want your music on the list? You want your friends' song on the list? For god sakes will you ever put this song on the list? Trembling thoughts of the day to day internet musician...

BUT don't be afraid, we are here! We got a way of getting your music on the list! Watch out on our social media, feed us content and songs. We are HUNGRY!

That said, we LOVE:

  • All crazy ideas, that could make Ghent Music even cooler!
  • Music with a link to Ghent of which you are convinced that should be on the list.
  • A gratitude shoutout!
  • Your mentioning of playing our Ghent Music at your shop, bar, ...

We're DREAMING about:

  • Hearing the list in a swimming pool!
  • A big gathering of Ghent Musicians!
  • Shaking the hand of the king...
  • Be featured outside Belgium
  • Been talked about on a radioshow


Sweet candy can be send to playlist@ghentmusic.be

Before sending us loads of content: read the guidelines!